About Tom McEvoy & Hand Crafted Weddings 

I was never the 'by the numbers' photographer when I studied, I was always looking at ways to escape the digital world and cross over into mixed media. I could never settle on the idea of a computer controlling the way I expressed my photography and went on to develop a hand painted style working with ink and water. It really connected with me and I had the chance to express my creativity as an artist, not just my computer skills as a photographer. 


I was reluctant at first to step into wedding photography as I was unsure that couples would like my experimentation with photography. I was used to thinking that wedding photography has to be commercial in every aspect with a bit of photoshop action to create a dramatic look. Over time, as my friends started to get married, they invited me take photos in a style that they knew I'd flourish in. I really wanted to create images that were unique to the couple and used textures to print on that were found on their wedding day, like food boxes and running sheets. It wasn't long before I was invited to wedding expos to display my photographic art and that's when I fell in love with the idea of doing this for a living.


A lot of my visual art has a romantic style, an ode to visual art over the last few centuries. I adore classical portraiture and often paint in that style, working with the inks to craft a passionate image. It wasn't long before I was shooting weddings outside my friendship group with people who were attracted to my individuality and determination to create an artwork unique to the story of the day. I had carved out a niche that appealed to couples wanting to escape the standard digital routine of wedding photography. Whilst I still shoot completely in digital, I see it as the start of an idea rather than a finished product. I love the idea of my painted photography being on a canvas on someone's wall to really celebrate their special day. I get to experience the thrill of artists through the centuries having their artwork hung in the homes of their clients for all to see. 


I see myself as a photographer with a twist; a twist that can go in many directions. To constantly improve what I can offer, towards the end of 2014 I've teamed up with a small collection of visual artists to create Hand Crafted Weddings. Having another full time photographer in Jeremy Dixon has allowed us to work as a team to offer our unique art style to more couples which we're excited about in the coming years!


Tom McEvoy